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Gameplay Features

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Realistic Line of Sight
Lines of sight are calculated in real-time. Players can ambush their enemies or hide behind blocking objects when trying to escape or flank an enemy.

Cover to Cover Combat
Cover is the key to victory. As cover is directional choosing the right positioning is tantamount to success. Just hanging out in a position which provides cover is not enough: your enemies will flank you or attack from behind. Use the terrain and keep moving! Keep in mind that cover will protect you from gunfire, but skills like the grenade can simply be thrown over cover and inflict full damage.

Direct-Fire Shooting Controls
The player fires by pointing the mouse in the desired direction and left clicking the map. This feature ensures action-driven gameplay and direct control on the battlefield.

Domination Mode
Capture more domination points than the opposing team and bleed their tickets. The domination mode supports our dynamic game play and ensures high-paced action.

Higher Ground Advantage
Finding higher ground positions on the map is essential to victory. Units on higher ground are not visible from below until they open fire making them ideal ambush positions. In addition, units on higher ground suffer less damage when shot from below.