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Merc Elite Beta
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Overwhelm the Enemy

Double-teaming enemy Tactician

Close-range Combat

In the Crosshairs of Carnage

Surprise Attack

Ambushing unsuspecting mercs

Heavy Firepower

Pummeling enemies in tandem

Strength in Numbers

Thwarting enemy attack

Take Cover

Snuffing out attacks

Shield up

Deflecting enemy rounds

Getting the Jump

Defending the domination point

Making a breakthrough

Get at bunkered enemies

Picking off from above

Get the drop from above


Neutralizing the enemy with the Shock RPG

Pouring it on

Laying down heavy, close-range fire

Lights Out

Obliterating the enemy with the Rocket Barrage

Impenetrable defenses

Help your unit get in close

Deflecting enemy attacks

Deploying a shield for added defenses

Calling in the cavalry

Aid your unit with precision air raids.

Bring it On!

Soaking up heavy enemy fire

The Eye of the Storm

Safeguarding friendly mercs in the heat of battle

Make the enemy see stars

Authority skill temporarily stuns all enemy within range

Off with their heads

Headshot skill delivers precision blows to neutralize the enemy

Break up enemy positions

Fire the grenade launcher to scatter the enemy

Rain down hell on your foes

No cover can protect the enemy from Death from Above